HuntLeague meets up with Josh Greer from Arken Optics to look at the features of the Arken EP5. This scope far outperforms the modest price point and packs in all the features we were looking for in building out the perfect predator hunting setup.  Watch the video HERE.

The Arken EP5 with the accessory pack is the perfect scope for predator hunting applications. It features a First Focal Plan (FFP) Christmas tree reticle with a 5-25x power range. The quick throw lever, bubble level, and illuminated reticle make this an incredibly versatile setup for hitting your mark whether that’s at close range or distances over a mile away. 

We tested the effectiveness of this setup in Cheyenne, Wyoming at Stag Arms headquarters. The conditions were so bad we nearly cancelled the range test as temps were well below freezing with 28-45 mph prevailing winds. Rather than pull the plug we saw this as an opportunity to truly test this setup in the worst of conditions. 

Equipment Used: 


The Results: Josh from Arken had the rifle zeroed within 5 shots. That may sound like a lot for those that claim a two shot zero but I would challenge any shooter to do what he did in those conditions with 8 inch steel targets blowing like leaves in the Wyoming wind. After another 5-10 shots, Josh had the dope chart figured out and input in his Garmin tactix applied ballistics watch. Now it was time to really test the Apex Predator setup for the first time. 

We had a combination of experienced former military and PRS shooters as well as novice shooters that had never fired a round at a target past 100 yards. These were by far the worst shooting conditions I have ever experienced at the range. I am willing to hunt in bad weather but this was unbearable. The wind cut like a knife, fingers were numb, and your entire body was constantly shivering in the fight against hypothermia. 

I knew this setup was special before we ever took our first shot. The Apex Predator prize package was assembled with top quality equipment making what I thought to be impossible shots possible. It was impressive seeing the PRS and experienced shooters consistently hit steel targets in those conditions but what impressed me the most is when I saw a novice shooter sit behind the rifle. 

Josh called the windage and elevation adjustments on the first target at 400 yards. Again this is a shooter that had never taken a shot beyond 100 yards and had not shot a rifle of any kind in months. The first shot hit steel at a quarter mile in 35mph winds! It didn’t just hit steel; it hit the center of a 10″ steel circle! His reaction was priceless as he never thought he would have been able to hit a target in those conditions and at that distance. Now he had to prove to himself it wasn’t luck and proceeded to consistently hit targets at distances between 200-600 yards. 

Looking back, the range experience was miserable but it left no doubt in our minds that the Stag Arms, Arken Optics, Two Vets Tripod, and Remington PLR ammunition are an absolute force to reckon with. 

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