HuntLeague Daily Challenges

Three Simple Checkboxes

Every day starts at zero and it’s up to you to make it count. Daily Challenges are meant to help you adopt the MTNTOUGH motto of being “Always Ready” for your next adventure. You may be familiar with Cameron Hane’s “Lift, Run, Shoot” phrase which is his commitment and challenge for you to do those three things each day. In a similar fashion, HuntLeague has created three daily disciplines (INVEST – TRAIN – SHOOT) that you can track throughout the year that will pay huge dividends during your hunt.

Starting in 2023, Daily Challenge points will count in leagues such as the Outdoorsman of the Year. During the first quarter of 2023 you will see additional changes to the leaderboard, filters, and point system as we fully integrate the Daily Challenge feature.

One important note for you to remember is the daily challenge checkbox must be checked before the clock strikes midnight each day.  Every morning the checkboxes will automatically reset and you will not be able to go back and log yesterday’s work.  We understand that may impact the accuracy of your count over a week, month, or year so a big part of the challenge will be remembering to open the app and tap the checkbox each day.

League hosts may choose to use the new Daily Challenge Points in different ways.  Some leagues may count all daily challenge points or just one or two of the three categories.  Leagues may also choose to further define what they hope the INVEST, TRAIN, or SHOOT checkboxes mean.  For example, an elk league may want the INVEST checkbox to be used to track the number of days you practiced your elk calling techniques.


HuntLeague cares about the whole person; spirit, mind, and body. Check the invest box when you invest in yourself or others. This box can serve multiple purposes and carry a different meaning for each hunter. You may want to use it to track daily Bible reading as you invest in your spirit. Use it when you take a course such as Treeline Academy or ElkBros BaseCamp as you invest in your mind. You could check this box after listening to a podcast, responding to a HOWL call to action, or taking a new hunter to the field. The INVEST box is the most flexible of the three options but it’s a challenge to you to better yourself, others, and the environment around you.


Did you workout today? What’s your goal for next year? My target is 200 days a year, which is roughly 16-17 per month. I have found this keeps me ready for the elk woods and in a position where I am not playing catch up in July and August for hunts in September.  

MTNTOUGH has jumped in to support the HuntLeague community and they are offering all HuntLeague members a 30 day FREE trial subscription.  Enter the code “HL30” to take advantage of this offer.  They offer an incredible variety of workouts from full gym setups to body weight only that will challenge you right where you are at on your fitness journey.  Complete one of their workouts each day and hit that TRAIN checkbox when you are done!


Did you shoot your gun or bow today? Hunters have an ethical responsibility to train with their weapon of choice to be the most lethal and effective they can be in the field. The Shoot checkbox can count for any method of take or even training tools such as MANTISX.

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Daily Challenges

Every day starts at zero and it’s up to you to make it count. Daily Challenges are meant to help you adopt the MTNTOUGH motto of being “Always Ready” for your next adventure.

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