Hunt Smarter with AREAS

Whether you plan to hunt new territory or the old family farm see how HuntLeague’s stands and areas can help you find success.

E-Scouting: By now you are probably well aware of the many tools available for e-scouting. Personally, I start with Google Earth Pro on my computer to find spots of interest. Then I verify landowner boundaries, check layers, and solidify access points using both OnX and Basemap. Once I have identified an area to scout/hunt I open up HuntLeague and create an AREA.

*You might be surprised to hear me endorse both OnX and Basemap but I didn’t build HuntLeague to compete with their maps and layers. I have room on my phone for more than one app and I wanted something more than maps, boundaries, and waypoints. HuntLeague lets you capture and connect with other hunters in ways those apps were not designed to do. Once I leave my computer, HuntLeague covers 95% of what I need in the field. I use my watch for continuous tracking (saves battery life), AccuWeather for forecasts and sun rise/set times, and occasionally OnX/Basemap when unit or landowner boundaries are in question.

Create/Edit an Area: Name the area, add notes, pictures, landowner contact info, gate codes or other special instructions, etc. Set clear access and sharing restrictions with your hunting buddies. Draw area boundaries from this page and designate whether this area is contained within a larger area.

Area Sharing: After creating an area, League Pass subscribers can share an area with a hunting buddy or party. Unlike Hunt Logs, areas and stands cannot be unshared so think twice before sharing. Hunting parties, landowners, hunters with land leases, guides, and outfitters should use areas extensively to track productivity and statistics.

Area Stats

Area Stats at a Glance: Access area info from the bottom menu of the Hunt Logs page. The image on the left shows the area info without any filters. Showing my average user rating for the area at 67 and all users at 71. The second image shows the area filtered for only elk and you can see the statistics jump up to 87 with an 79% rate of spotting elk with 14 scouts/hunts logged. Use the filter to drill down further for a specific month or method of take.

Scroll through recent use to see when the area was last accessed, what species was being pursued, and if the user was successful. Click the thumbnail image to enlarge the photo associated with the hunt/scout.

Cleaner Maps: With one click you can choose to Hide or Show Events contained within an area. Over time an area will get covered up with sightings, sign, note, shot, and success icons. You can even choose to hide the area boundaries for a super clean map view of your hunting area. Simply tap the AREA icon on the map to access these options.

Add Areas to Existing Hunt Logs: The creation date (3/9/21) for the area is listed on the details page but the events contained in the area are from September 2020 logs. Just click “ADD EVENT” at the bottom of any Hunt Log to add an area. Enter the time and rate each species and the app will automatically include any events contained within that time period inside the associated area.

Area Map Clean Up

Using Areas: This year I hope to return to a deer unit I have not drawn since 2016. Oh, how I wish I would have had HuntLeague back then to record buck and doe sightings in the various basins I spent time chasing deer. This may sound strange, but I wish I had the logs of all the days I spent scouting and hunting that I didn’t turn up an animal more than the days I spotted giants or found success. I don’t just want the highlight reel that Instagram and YouTube provide. I want the raw numbers; the ability to calculate the time and miles spent in the field to better evaluate which spots to spend more time in this fall. HuntLeague will help you become a better hunter if you’re willing to learn from both your mistakes and success. Combine your stats with your hunting buddies or a party and you have one of the most powerful hunting tools ever created in the palm of your hand.

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