Import & Export Your Waypoints

Better Together

With fall hunts quickly approaching, now is the time to have all of your tools working together preparing you for success. HuntLeague 2.0.1 now allows you to import/export all your waypoints and have HuntLeague work seamlessly with Google Earth Pro, OnX, Garmin, Basemap, and more.

How To Import & Export Waypoints:

  • Most applications require you to import/export your waypoints from their website. Hit the “Login Now” button above to sign into your HuntLeague account from your laptop/desktop to get started.

  • To import waypoints from another application, first login to that platform and download either a .GPX or .KML file. If you need help exporting waypoints from another application feel to reach out ([email protected]).

  • Export your HuntLeague waypoints from either the app or website. The current export contains all logged waypoints for your HuntLeague account. In the future you will be able to filter exports to a specific species, month, event type, etc.

  • HuntLeague does not currently support tracks but will in a future release.