HuntLeague Competition

Competition makes us better!  It pushes us to set and achieve goals and keeps us grounded.  At HuntLeague we think your time in the field is valuable and you should earn something with each experience you log.  Unlike other platforms where prize packages are given away at random, we believe hard work should be rewarded and recognized.  You don’t get drawn out of a hat to win the Outdoorsman of the Year; you earn it!  We have designed an incredibly complex point system that allows you to enter past experience and improve your rank with every hunt performed.  At any point you can see where you stand on the Leaderboard overall, for a specific species, preferred method of take, day, or year.  


Leagues is where competition comes to life.  Join a league and compete for titles and incredible prize packages.  Think of this like fantasy football where you get to compete against buddies and other hunters from around the world.  Leagues come in all shapes and sizes and may be species/method of take specific, public or private, require a buddy or party, be limited to a specific region, etc.  Most leagues require an active League Pass subscription to participate.  

All HuntLeague members are eligible to compete for the title of Outdoorsman of the Year.  Each year one hunter will be awarded the title along with a custom prize package that includes gear from today’s top outdoor brands, a custom trophy, HuntLeague swag, and a lifetime League Pass subscription.  

OY Trophy

Experience: Establishing Your Opening Rank


Adding past experience to your profile is one of the easiest ways to improve your rank.  When creating an account, users select a primary species and add past experience.  Upon completion you receive an opening rank for that species and an overall rank within the HuntLeague system.

Users max out past experience at “Hunter Level 1” for both the opening species rank and overall rank.  Achieving a rank beyond Hunter Level 1 can only be earned by actively logging hunts or scouts in the field.

To add or edit experience for other species, users must have a League Pass Subscription.  To access your Experience, go to the Hunt Log section and click the “Experience” tab in the bottom menu.  This will show you your overall rank at the top, your rank for each species, as well as the number of hunts, scouts, and successes you have recorded in your Hunt Logs independent of what was entered for past experience.

Leaderboard Rank & Filters

The Leaderboard shows a Daily Rank, Season Rank, and Lifetime Rank for all users.  Only users that logged a Hunt or Scout on the date listed will appear in the Daily Rank.  To change the date or season simply tap the blue date or year listed.  Experience points do not count towards either Daily or Season Rank.  


To filter for a particular species or method of take, tap the filter icon below your user profile and above the Daily Rank.  By tapping a user profile in either the Season Rank or Lifetime Rank sections you can see a total number of scouts/hunts they have logged that year or overall in the app.    


General Point Structure

HuntLeague Points are Earned not Awarded.  To earn points, log a Hunt or Scout.  Push the GO! button on the home screen to get started logging your next activity.  The more you log in the field the more points you will earn!  

1.  HuntLeague is about capturing and celebrating the story of a hunt.  Our leagues and point system aim to celebrate the entire experience and not just harvesting an animal.  We believe any leaderboard related to hunting is flawed from the start as the real value of every outdoor experience is unique to the individual and cannot be compared universally.  We also believe every hunter plays a role in conservation and that we should never harvest more than ought to as it is our responsibility to leave an area better than we found it preserving the habitat and ensuring a healthy and diverse wildlife population for future generations.   Success points for each species are capped and cannot exceed a specific value within a season to eliminate any type of incentive that would push a hunter towards the belief that they need to kill more in order to win a league or improve their leaderboard rank.  

2.  The HuntLeague point system is a complex series of equations that takes into account everything from the species, method of take, high fence vs public land, species bag limits, and more.  Is a moose success equivalent to a squirrel….No!  Is a doe worth the same as a buck…No!  Why? In most places the buck/doe ratio is 25/75.  Is a 200 inch buck worth more than a fork horn…No!  We do not account for the size of the species harvested.  The point value of the animal harvested is not determined by antler or body size although it is certainly more difficult to harvest a mature animal than a juvenile.

3.  Adding a post to the Community Page does not add points for a particular species or method of take and will not help you improve your Leaderboard Rank.  

4.  What if I forgot to log something in the field?  You can always add a Hunt Log by clicking on the ADD LOG icon on the right side of the bottom menu of the Hunt Log page.  This will allow you to choose any date from the past and add events along with pictures and location information.  Points are calculated at a reduced rate for past activities.