The HuntLeague Outdoorsman of the Year

The HuntLeague Outdoorsman of the Year is the highest honor one can earn within our Community.   One outdoorsman will be crowned with the title and walk away with a valuable prize package.  So how do you earn this top spot?

1.  Hunt Logs – The foundation of HuntLeague.  Capture the experience by logging your time in the field.  To be eligible to win the Outdoorsman of the Year, you will need to log a minimum of 15 days in the field, hunted at least three different species, and preferably used more than one method of take.

2.  Leaderboard – The more you log in the field, the more points you will accumulate.  Every hunt/scout activity logged improves your overall leaderboard rank.  The Leaderboard will always be a work in progress as it cannot possibly account and assign a true point value for each activity, style of hunt, location, etc.  The point system is extremely complex and will continue to be modified with feedback from hunters like you.  Finalists for the Outdoorsman of the Year should rank in the top 25% on the leaderboard for the year.  There are no harvest or success requirements associated with the Outdoorsman of the Year.

3.  Community – The community page is a safe way to share information without sharing the specific details or location of a hunt log.  Community posts and hunt/scout summaries let other people see the types of animals and method of take used for the hunt along with a photo, a summary of sighting/shot/success events, and a quick story.  Being active in the HuntLeague Community with posts and summaries is an important component that goes into selecting the finalists for the Outdoorsman of the Year award.  

4.  Candidates & Applications – At the end of the year, HuntLeague will release an application for eligible candidates to apply to be selected as finalists.  The application includes questions related to highlight moments, what made this year special, were you able to mentor or assist other hunters, are you an active member of any conservation organizations, etc.  An independent judges panel will then review these applications before selecting the top three finalists.  

4.  Judges Panel & Live Event – Once the finalists are selected, each finalist will have the opportunity to share more about their season.  In 2021, each finalist shared their story on the HuntLeague podcast.  The judges will review shared Hunt Logs, Leaderboard standings, Community posts, applications, photos & videos submitted to the panel.  Each finalist will participate in a live interview and event that culminates in the the Judges panel crowning the league champion with the Outdoorsman of the Year title.     


To create a Hunt Log, simply click the GO! button on the home screen of the app, select your species and method of take and you are ready.  Each Hunt Log represents a single activity contained within a 24 hour day ending at midnight each day.  Hunt Logs may contain up to two species and are limited to one recorded method of take.


The Leaderboard shows your rank on a particular day, season/year, or over your Lifetime.  It can also be filtered by species or method of take.  Improve your rank by adding past experience for various species and by adding events in your hunt and scout logs. 


The Community allows you to share your experience and be inspired by others.  Find people from your state or filter for a particular species or method of take.  See the gear used to hunt and harvest various species whether that be a turkey broadhead or the bullet used to bring down a wild boar.  Give fist bumps or choose to follow other hunters and receive a notification when they post to the community page.  

Crayson McBride: The 2021 HuntLeague Outdoorsman of the Year

Oregon resident Crayson McBride was crowned the HuntLeague 2021 Outdoorsman of the Year.  The 2021 finalists were all passionate outdoorsman and deserving of the award but Crayson’s passion, dedication, desire to see others be successful, and humility ultimately earned him the crown.

Peter Mosby: The 2020 HuntLeague Outdoorsman of the Year

Colorado resident Peter Mosby was crowned the HuntLeague 2020 Outdoorsman of the Year.  Peter successfully harvested 8 different species with 5 different methods of take in 2020.  His incredible success in the field coupled with his passion for mentoring the next generation set him apart.  

Peter has been in education as a teacher, coach and a principal for thirty years with a passion to share the outdoors with others.  He has made himself capable and accessible in a hundred ways.  He can survive in most any environment; hit a pie plate at 550 yards with a rifle and at 120 yards with a bow; a Boy Scout; professional fishing and white water guide.  He is a Christian who cherishes his family.  He is a shining example of a sportsman, conservationist, and individual who has spent decades honing his craft.