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League User Agreement

HuntLeague’s terms and conditions and privacy policy do not allow HuntLeague to sell or share personal information.   When someone joins a league they are agreeing to a new user agreement that must clearly state if personal information is being shared and the purpose for it. 

Personal information includes name, DOB, gender, email address, and other data collected about a user within the HuntLeague application. 

HuntLeague does not require a physical mailing address as part of a user’s profile.  HuntLeague will assist the Host in acquiring physical mailing addresses for the purpose of sending prize packages to league winners.  If a league requires members to live in a specific zip code, state, or area; the league Host is responsible to collect and validate the members physical address.

You may refer to or adopt HuntLeague’s league user agreement.  

League Terms – HuntLeague

HuntLeague does not access and will not share hunt logs, GPS coordinates, or private hunt data.  League finalists may be asked to share hunt logs with or without GPS with league judges as a way to validate the competition.  

All league user agreements require approval from HuntLeague.  Some discussion may be necessary to finalize the user agreement and expectations.

League user agreements are hosted and made available on HuntLeague’s website and on the “LeagueDetails” page of the app.  

Add Additional Products & Sponsors

To submit an additional product, please email the following to [email protected]:

  1. Product Name
  2. Product MSRP Value
  3. Product URL
  4. Product Image (ideal size is 640×430)
  5. How many of this product do you plan to award in this league?
  6. This product will be awarded to whom?  1st, 2nd, Top 3, Top 10, Best Story, etc. 


To submit an additional Sponsor, please email the following to [email protected]:

  1. Sponsor Name
  2. Sponsor Logo
  3. Sponsor URL