Create Your League

HuntLeague offers influencers an entirely new way to connect with your audience.  Share the details of your season like never before with photos, videos, notes, and lessons learned in the field.

Want a new way to feature your current sponsors or your swag?  Create a custom prize package that highlights products and list sponsors with logos and direct links.

Make your league public or private?  Public leagues are visible to everyone where private leagues require an invitation or code to enter.  With HuntLeague, you can create a public league that is only available to your patreons, requires a proof of purchase, or a contribution/ membership to your favorite conservation organization.

The process of creating your league is relatively straight forward.  You may have some questions along the way in which case you can email [email protected].  Before you fill out the League Host Application, take a minute to review what type of league you want to create:

Private League:

Private leagues require an invitation or league code to view or join.  They are not listed with other leagues on the JOIN tab of the main League page for HuntLeague members to find.  This is a great option if you are looking to create an exclusive way to connect with your existing core audience.

  1. There are no minimum prize requirements in private leagues.  You choose if there are any prizes or titles to be awarded and if you want to include swag or potential gear from sponsors.
  2. The League Pass – Most leagues require members to purchase a League Pass subscription ($14.99) to participate. 
  3. HuntLeague charges a $50 fee to create, test, and publish private leagues for influencers.  This fee includes a 10pk starter bundle that unlocks The League Pass subscription ($14.99/year) for 10 designated users.  You can use these as giveaways when letting your audience know about your league or give them to your most loyal followers.
  4. The league admin may purchase additional League Pass subscriptions in bulk: $99/10pk.
  5. Want a Cash Prize League?  Cash prize entry fees and distribution of winnings may be listed on your league page but all transactions must be completed outside of the HuntLeague app.  Cash leagues must include a disclaimer in the league user agreement that all payments and payouts for the league are the sole responsibility of the league host/admin which must be listed with contact information.   Both Apple and Android charge significant fees for in app purchases and transactions.  There are several fantasy sports related services such as LeagueSafe that can provide more efficient entry and payout options for cash leagues.
  6. Managing league members:  You as the league admin are the only one that can invite from within the app, approve, or remove league members. If your league code is used, that member will be listed as pending until you approve them.  You can designate if league messaging is open to you alone, designated contributors, or everyone in the league and adjust these settings at any time. 

Public League:

Public leagues are visible to all members in the HuntLeague Community.  They do not require a special invite or league entry code.   Members can freely view and join a public league as it will be listed under the JOIN tab on the main Leagues page.  You can make a league public while narrowing public visibility to a specific state/region or primary species.  Public leagues may include custom requirements such as a member number, company email, or proof of purchase in order to join.

  1. You would be responsible to provide a hunting/outdoor related prize package that exceeds a combined MSRP value of $1000 or $500 if the league is limited to a single state.  That value may be from a single product or combined value of up to 10 products.
  2. Prize packages are not limited to physical items and may include experiences or some other value related to an outdoor lifestyle. 
  3. Offering a discount on a product is not considered a valid prize package.  However, product discounts can be listed as a prize for league winners or all league members in addition to the qualifying prize package.
  4. In addition to the above listed prizes, you must provide at least one product that exceeds $50 MSRP value to HuntLeague’s Outdoorsman of the Year prize package.  To be listed as a sponsor for the Outdoorsman of the Year League the MSRP value must exceed $250.  To have a product listed with a link, the combined value must exceed $100.  Approved products that exceed $250 value are eligible for special designation.  Meaning you would be eligible to create the prize category or potentially select the winner.
  5. In general, prizes awarded must be new in original packaging.  Some exceptions may apply for products that have antique/nostalgic value or items that carry a high resale value or would still be listed in like new condition.
  6. HuntLeague charges a $100 fee to create, test, and publish a public league hosted by an influencer.  This fee will be waved for subsequent years or leagues once there is a proven track record of app usage, engagement, and confirmed delivery of promised prize packages.  It also includes the starter bundle that unlocks The League Pass subscription ($14.99/year) for 10 designated users.
  7. Public leagues are visible in the app during the time the league is live and one year after the completion of the league under past leagues.  This allows you to highlight past winners and provides additional exposure for sponsors and products. 

FAQs from Influencers

  1. Can I make money?   Yes!  It’s possible but takes some creativity.  You can list a league entry fee in the league details that would be paid outside of the app, independent of HuntLeague.   You would then have to manually approve new members when they attempt to join from within the app which is a very simple process.  There are lots of angles to explore that include the increased value leagues provide to sponsors, referral bonuses, league pass purchases, and more.  Contact [email protected] if you want to explore creative options that may produce income for you.
  2. Why is there a fee for influencers to create a league? Skin in the game let’s us know you are taking it serious.  HuntLeague wants to avoid abandoned leagues and ones that don’t bring value to League Pass subscribers.  The fee includes the starter bundle which offers $149.90 value and provides immediate value for your audience.  Once you have established yourself as a contributor to the HuntLeague community, these fees will be waived. 
  3. What’s up with the $500 & $1,000 prize package minimums?  Establishing a minimum value for Public Leagues is essential as it brings immediate value to every member in the HuntLeague community.  Creating this barrier of entry along with the entry fee help maintain the quality of league offerings, streamlining the user experience by removing some of the clutter.
  4. I have an idea that fits outside the box, can we talk?  Looking forward to it.  Some of the best ideas are the ones that fit outside the box and make the future better for everyone.  HuntLeague was once an idea that fit outside the box too.  Email [email protected] and let’s start the conversation.

The First Step

Always the hardest but the only way forward.  Complete the League Application which includes all the information that will be visible and relevant to your league.  

Need help? Contact [email protected]  

Once complete, it is manually uploaded and approved by a HuntLeague team member.  You will then be notified to view your league in the app and give final approval.  This process may take up to 5 business days to complete.  

Pay to Play

Options for Influencers

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Leagues don’t make sense without buddies. What are you waiting for?  Send those invitations, share your league code, and get the party started!

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