HuntLeague's Vision for Conservation

YOU PROTECT WHAT YOU VALUE! Hunters value wild places and animals as much if not more than any other group on the planet. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation goes as far as saying “Hunting is Conservation”. Please take a minute to dive into HuntLeague’s vision for conservation and how your story can play a huge role now and in the future protecting the things you value.

YOUR STORY MATTERS: “Story Telling gives us an opportunity to learn from another person’s experience and it can shape, strengthen or challenge our opinions and values. When a story catches our attention and engages us, we are more likely to absorb the message and meaning within it than if the same message was presented simply in facts and figures.” – The Power of Storytelling, 2016

Many of the non-proift conservation organizations we support still rely on facts and figures to win people over. HuntLeague is aiming to provide the story telling component of our collective stories to these organizations that work on our behalf. We live in a world of constant change and these changes impact our hunting experiences. Take for example:

  • The wild fires that are raging across the West
  • The recent bear hunting ban in New Jersey
  • State laws prohibiting the use of trail cameras, decoys or bait
  • Logging, mining, oil and gas claims
  • New state or regional restrictions reducing the number of turkey tags allowed in a season
  • The forced reintroduction of wolves in Colorado

We have all heard stories about how things used to be; both good and bad as it relates to the hunting experience. Before THIS (whatever this may be), we used to see this or hear that, but now because of ______ we get ____. The problem with stories like this is they often are not backed by any documentation; notes, photos, videos, etc and they only reflect the voice of a single person or experience instead of a collective experience.

HuntLeague is ready to bring change working with hunters, conservation organizations, and state agencies in an effort to defend your hunting rights while looking for ways to improve wildlife populations and ecosystems.


  • LOG YOUR STORY: Hit the “GO!” button every time you head to the field for a scout or hunt. Don’t just log the highlights, the days where you don’t see any sign of an animal may prove to be a critical part of our collective story.

  • SHARE YOUR STORY: With the recent release of HuntLeague 2.1 you can now choose to share a hunt log with your Community post (LOCATION/GPS DATA IS NEVER SHARED WITH THE COMMUNITY). The only location data listed is the state in which the hunt/scout occurred. Sharing your story is not meant to be another Instagram post or YouTube video. It’s a way to mentor, educate, inspire and empower other hunters while contributing to the bigger conservation story.

  • PARTICIPATE IN LEAGUES: In the near future we hope to add Leagues hosted by national and local chapters of various conservation organizations such as the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Pheasants Forever, Ducks Unlimited, National Wild Turkey Federation, Howl For WildlifeHunter Nation, Sportsmen’s Alliance, Blood Origins, Mule Deer Foundation, the Wild Sheep Foundation, Colorado Bowhunter’s Association, and more. These leagues would be optional for you to join but would allow us to share critical information that would further the mission of these organizations while building community amongst members. HuntLeague does not share or sell any information with outside organizations. Your privacy and protecting your hunting spots will always be a top priority. Your participation in a specific league would allow HuntLeague to share generalized data with these organizations. Any type of shared information would all be clearly listed in the leagues terms and conditions page and may include a list of options that you may select to opt into.

  • SHARE HUNTLEAGUE WITH BUDDIES & CONSERVATION ORGANIZATIONS: We don’t know what tomorrow holds! This may be the last year hunters in CO log hunts without reintroduced wolves covering the landscape. The area I hunted last year was completely destroyed by fire in 2020. HuntLeague is more than just a private hunting journal. It’s more than winning a league title or cool prize package. HuntLeague is built around Confidence, Community, and Competition but those values are deeply rooted in our Conservation mission to preserve your story, along with the animals, and habitat we share as hunters.

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