The Buck of a Lifetime

In 2019, Corey harvested this incredible Colorado mule deer that many of us would consider the buck of a lifetime. You’ve probably heard “a picture is worth a thousand words” but when it comes to photos like this I think it’s worth a thousand questions. What’s the story behind the smiles? Did he get lucky? Did he locate this buck before the season? Was it on public or private land? How far was the shot? What rifle and scope setup did he use? What time of day did he spot the buck? Was it alone or with another buck that was even bigger?

HuntLeague 2.1 answers questions like these and many more. You will soon be able to share full hunt logs (without GPS) with your hunt/scout summary on the Community page. This revolutionary new feature brings a level of transparency never before seen in the hunting community while still protecting location data and the hunting spots you have worked so hard to find. Go beyond YouTube highlights and Instagram posts to see the work that goes into each hunt. Become a hunting mentor paving the way for others to follow as they learn from your experiences in the field. This is an absolute Game Changer!

Chasing the Buck of a Lifetime

This September I am heading into the high country with my eyes set on harvesting a mature Colorado mule deer. I’ve always been an opportunistic deer hunter that doesn’t turn down the fork horn; living out Keith Naylor’s (spike_bull_outdoors) subtitle, “Killing tomorrow’s trophies today”. This year I am flipping the script though with plans to spend most of my scouting efforts searching for a big velvet muley.

The truth is it won’t really take a giant deer to be the best buck of my lifetime. I am setting out to beat this young 4×4 buck I was fortunate enough to harvest in 2016.

This year I want to invite you to follow my journey as I share my Hunt Logs with you (tap the “jnew” profile in the app and hit the follow button). At the end of the season, regardless of the outcome, I will leave a better hunter and I hope my story inspires you as you head to the field this year and beyond.

Preserving the Buck of a Lifetime

What if everything goes right? Too often we spend our energy focusing on getting that big buck on the ground but neglect what happens next. Are you prepared to take care of the meat? What about preserving the hide or velvet antlers?

This year I am going in prepared with several innovative products from Velvet Antler Technologies. Their (VelvaLok) product is the field solution I have been looking for to take care of velvet antlers. Simply spray it on in and let dry! No more expensive taxidermy fees to freeze dry or apply fake velvet to your antlers. They have an innovative “Head Hauler” which attaches to just about any backpack that helps you carry your trophy out securely. They also have HideLok which keeps hair from slipping while keeping the hide free of bugs and decay. Then when all the hard work is done, you still have a mess to clean up removing blood from the hide along with your clothes, game bags, and pack. That is where VelvaSkrub comes in breaking down blood stains into water-soluble byproducts that can easily be washed away.

Velvet Antler Technology

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